Summer classes are officially over and we’re on vacation until September.   The store will be open of course and we are happy to schedule private classes or events for those of you who just can’t wait.

Here’s a quick look at the schedule so far.   New this season is an Intro to Natural Perfume class that will be taught by Joe.

Intro to Aromatherapy
Wednesday     September 4     8:15pm-9:15pm
Saturday          September 7     10:30am-11:30am
Wednesday    September 11    8:15pm-9:15pm
Saturday         September 21    10:30am-11:30am

NEW!  Intro to Natural Home Fragrance
Saturday        September 14    10:30am-11:30am
Wednesday   September 18    8:15pm-9:15pm

Intro to Natural Beauty
Wednesday    September 25  8:15pm-9:15pm

NEW!  Intro to Natural Perfume
Saturday        September 28    10:30am-11:30am
Wednesday   October 2            8:15pm-9:15pm

Remember there is no need to RSVP for free classes but try to arrive a little early if you want to get a seat.  If you prefer not to compete for a chair then contact Christina to book a private class (private classes are not free).    For class descriptions please visit our FREE Classes page.  Have a fabulous summer and we’ll see you in September!



Wish this was your collection of oils? Join us for Blending Lab on Sunday 6/30.

Have you ever wished you could come to Enfleurage and play?   Just plunk yourself down in front of out tester board as if it were your own personal essential oil collection?   Our Blending Lab offers the opportunity to do just that.   For only $100 you can come in and create 3 of your own 30 drop essential oil blends.  Included in the cost of your class is access to over 150 essential oils.   Rare and precious oils can be added to your blend for $1-$2 per drop.  Blending Lab allows many of our business focused customers to test out ideas without making a large up front investment in materials.  If you’re not starting a business that’s okay.  You can also come and enjoy getting creative with our extensive palette of essential oils.  Click to register.

After Blending Lab our next events are the FREE Intro to Natural Beauty on Saturday July 13th at 10:30am.  This will be our last free class of the season.  Later that afternoon will be another Chocolate Tasting Event.  We’ve been having a great time with the chocolates and the wonderful people who’ve been coming in to enjoy them.   The last tasting event will be in August so please make time to attend if you’re interested.  See you soon!

Early Saturday Morning:  Beginner Blenders hard at work on some amazing scents!

Early Saturday Morning: Beginner Blenders hard at work on some amazing scents!

Saturday Afternoon: The lovely chocolates provided by Vosges.  We still have some samples in the store if you're interested in trying them.

Saturday Afternoon: The lovely chocolates provided by Vosges. We still have some samples in the store if you’re interested in trying them.

Saturday Afternoon:  Great energy from the fabulous people who stopped by the Chocolate Tasting to explore the connection between taste and smell.

Saturday Afternoon: Great energy from the fabulous people who stopped by the Chocolate Tasting to explore the connection between taste and smell.

The idea behind our chocolate tastings is to experience how smell enhances taste and also how flavors can be translated into aromas.   We construct an essential oil blend that is intended to smell the way each chocolate sample tastes, providing you with the same sensation but through different senses.  The challenge is in using essential oils to mimic ingredients like salt, wasabi, goji berry, white chocolate, plantain, and more.   It’s a fun way to discover surprising uses for unusual oils and an exercise in expanding your scent and flavor palate.

Our next tasting event is Saturday July 13th (time TBA) when we will enjoy the flavors and aromas of India.  Thank you to Jennifer from Vosges Haut Chocolat who is always on hand to educate our guests about chocolate and for being very generous with samples😉  There are plenty of coupons in the store as well if you are looking for edible Father’s Day gift ideas.

Next Saturday is another round of Blending For Beginners at 9:30am.  All of you who want to learn how to create your own scents, this could be your last chance until late fall.  If your desire is to learn blending for your business then don’t waste any more time, get registered.

On the 22nd at 9:30am will be a new class created for those with a business focus, Essential Oils and Product Bases.  In this class we study the fragrance impact of a wide variety of essential oils in different carrier bases.  This class will help you create products with more fragrance impact and teach you to avoid beginner mistakes like putting Neroli in Shea Butter or using more oil than is safe.

A reminder to our customers outside the NYC metro area, we do teach private classes.  If you want to take a class while visiting New York just contact Christina ( to inquire.  See you soon!

Welcome to June!  This month’s classes will focus on blending.  Whether you’re into perfume, starting a natural beauty line, or just want to get creative with essential oils we’ve got classes for you.  Here’s what’s coming up this week:

Sunday June 2nd –  Top 20 Essential Oils  6:30pm-9:30pm  $90 

Saturday  June 8th –  Blending for Beginners   9:30am-11:30am  $70

Saturday  June 8th –  Chocolate Tasting Event   3pm-5pm  FREE

Stop by to learn more about essential oils, or to taste some chocolate.  Either way we hope to see you soon.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Feeling overwhelmed?

When people come into Enfleurage excited about the idea of learning to use essential oils they’re often confronted with an unexpected feeling.  Overwhelm.  They’re overwhelmed by the number of essential oils and the amount of information about each oil.  They’re overwhelmed and sometimes disappointed that this Aromatherapy thing isn’t as simple as they thought.

If this sounds like you, then cheer up.  We’ve all been there, and our  Top 20 Essential Oils class was created precisely for customers like you.  This class is designed to get you up and running with Aromatherapy by teaching you the most important healing properties and precautions for 20 common and very useful essential oils.  Our goal is to give students a functional repertoire of essential oil knowledge that can be applied for a variety of needs.

This is an excellent class for newbies who find themselves fascinated by essential oils but unsure of the next step in the process.  This is also a great class for those of you who have limited essential oil knowledge.  You may be one of the many who mistakenly think that each oil has only one function and as a result aren’t getting much use from the oils you do have.  This class will cover the three most important properties for each of the 20 essential oils along with real life examples for applying those properties.

Bottom line – if 2013 is your year to start living more naturally, take control of your health, reduce your exposure to synthetic chemicals, and stop using artificial fragrance (please) then this class is time and money well spent.  Join us on Sunday June 2nd @ 6:30pm.  Click here to register. 

Hello All,

Just a friendly reminder about what’s on our schedule for the next couple of weeks:

Wednesday  May 15th  @ 8:15pm   Free Intro to Aromatherapy 

Saturday   May 18th    @ 10:30am  Free Intro to Natural Home Fragrance

Sunday  June  2nd @ 6:30pm    Top 20 Essential Oils

Saturday  June 8th  @ 9:30am   Blending for Beginners 

Saturday  June 8th @  3pm   Free Chocolate Tasting Event  

Remember you don’t have to RSVP for our free classes but seating is first come, first served.  You are welcome to stand if all seats are gone when you arrive.  If standing or competing for a seat isn’t your thing, then we recommend scheduling a private class.  If you want to schedule a private class for yourself or a group please email   Private classes are not free.

Thanks again for all your support and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Learn why all these people are smiling!

Learn why all these people are smiling!

Okay everyone, new classes are finally posted.   Our first Intro to Aromatherapy is happening on Wednesday May 1st at 8:15pm.   It’s free so you can stop by and still pay all your bills on time.  Tell your friends.  On this summer’s schedule we have the usual favorites + some new events we’re really excited about.

1)  Chocolate Tastings!!!
We’ve teamed up with the event staff at Vosges Haut Chocolates to explore the connection between taste and smell by pairing essential oil blends with various truffle flavors.  Our first tasting event will happen on May 4th (right after free Intro to Aromatherapy) from 12pm-2pm and we’ll be exploring the aromas and flavors of Meso America.   Forthcoming event dates are TBA so stay on the look out for more tastings.

2)  FREE Intro to Natural Home Fragrance
We get sooo many questions about using essential oils for home fragrance that we decided to offer a class.  As with most things Aromatherapy, answers are never simply black and white.   Join us for this class if you’re fed up with synthetic home fragrance, want to learn how to use diffusers, want to know which oils are great for home fragrance, how to burn incense on charcoal and more.

3)  Essential Oils and Product Bases Class
This class was created in response to the multitude of customers who come to our store and attend classes with the intention of starting an essential oil based product business.   In addition to blending skills, it’s also important to have an understanding of how essential oils behave when mixed in various carriers.   This affordable class is sure to provide some light bulb moments as well as save you time and money by helping you avoid common mistakes.

4)  Blending Lab
Formerly called our Blending Intensive,  we have changed the name and format of this event since noticing many students were attending for business purposes.  The Lab is open to all levels of fragrance blenders but we do feel that students with a solid understanding of the basics will get more from the experience.  Participating in the Lab allows attendees to select from a palette of almost 200 essential oils without making a large up front investment in materials.  We also explore the connection between scent, mood, and memory taking a purely creative approach to the process of building a custom blend.

We have served over 500 students since starting our classes in 2010.  We’re very proud of this but there are 8 million New Yorkers so we still have lots of work to do, tell your friends and share this page.   We look forward to seeing you this summer!


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